We are a hypocritical nation : Rubel

The whole world is trying to get rid of the Coronavirus epidemic today. Countries around the world are conducting research to develop vaccines. However, none of them has been able to give the expected results yet. In this situation, Globe Biotech has demanded the discovery of coronavirus vaccine in Bangladesh. Rubel Hossain, the star cricketer of the national team, could not hide his anger after seeing such silent over the news of success.

Rubel made a post on his official Facebook page on Friday night. There, he expressed anger over the silence of the people after the news of the discovery of Asif Mahmood and Glove Biotech. This pacer writes when Asif Mahmood Bhai was saying that we have discovered the vaccine for coronavirus was crying soon as he says that!

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We are a hypocritical nation, adding that Rubel said, “An organization in Bangladesh could bravely claim that they are discovering, whether it succeeds or fails is the next thing. But we did not say a congratulation. If China or America demanded this, we would have congratulated and blown the air of Bengal again welcoming them. In fact, we are a hypocritical nation.”

“We don’t have the slightest sense of gratitude, that’s why wise people are not born in this country because wise people are not valued in this country,” Rubel added.

Calling Globe Biotech, the real hero, this pacer writes, many are laughing, the trolls are up in arms whether to invent the coronavirus vaccine from Bangladesh! They are trying, let’s see what happens! They can also get a little congratulations! These are the real heroes of the country.